Welcome to Nourish You


Inspiring you to create a life that you love

Hi my name is Treena Salthouse, mother to two beautiful teenage girls. 

I am a Certified Health Coach & Integrative Nutrition Specialist providing 1-on-1 nutrition + lifestyle programs tailored for you, where the focus goes beyond what we eat and also covers our primary food – Career, Relationships, Physical Activity and Spirituality.

You are Beautifully YOU, there is no one else like you!

Through education, encouragement and a passion for all things natural I will guide you to create a beautiful life naturally:

-  with nutrient rich whole and additive free real foods - healthy food that is not only nutritious but tastes great as well! 

-  help you implement new lifestyle strategies to approach and tackle your busy world with a balanced, healthy, self motivated outlook. 

-   help you with nutritional and lifestyle strategies for mood disorders and anxiety.