Tips on Nourishing You


Eat Clean:  Consume foods that are pure and natural - fresh food from nature - avoiding processed foods. Ideally, your diet should consist of predominantly plant-based food supplemented by high-quality free range and preferably organic animal products e.g. milk, cheese, butter, yoghurt, eggs, fish, beef, and chicken. The best way to eat clean is to cook from scratch and stay away from sachets, pre-made sauces, and pre-made meals. Avoid all foods with additives, i.e. supermarket bought bread, biscuits, flavoured potato chips and crackers etc. Check all ingredients before purchasing, if you have not done this before you will be amazed at the chemicals added to the convenience foods we purchase. 

Why:  To be well nourished.  Nutrients keep us alive, our body is made up of around 50 trillion cells. Imagine you are made up of 50 trillion little tiny circles that all want to talk to each other, and the only way they can do this is when nutrients are present. 

Quality of food:  The quality and type of food that we eat has a direct effect on our mood. For example, eating good quality foods will result in the very best neurotransmitters such as serotonin that can make us feel happy. Give the brain the wrong foods such as highly processed and artificial foods the quality of the brain chemicals is severely compromised.