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3 Kiwi fruit a day could keep the doctor away !

Food for Thought:-

Are you better off eating a kiwifruit than chewing a vitamin C tablet ?


You are better off eating a kiwifruit than chewing a vitamin C tablet, suggests new research from the University of Otago.

In a study recently published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the highest ranking journal for human nutrition research, New Zealand researchers discover that a natural fruit source of vitamin C – kiwifruit – is better absorbed than a vitamin C supplement. 

Lead researcher Associate Professor Margreet Vissers says that humans require a certain level of vitamin C in all body tissues and organs to be healthy. However, like some other mammals (guinea pigs for example), we can’t make vitamin C so we need to get it from our food. A lot of people use vitamin C supplements as back up. 

Professor Vissers’ study involved testing the uptake of vitamin C in deficient mice over a month. Mice were fed either kiwifruit or an equivalent amount of pure vitamin C. Results shows that mice fed kiwifruit absorbed vitamin C much more efficiently than those given the supplement. The vitamin C also stayed in their bodies for longer. An equivalent human study is now underway. 

Health tip: 

Instead of eating vitamin C foods once a day, spread your fruit snacks throughout the day so that your body is getting a steady supply of this essential vitamin. 

Three kiwifruit a day could keep the doctor away!