Organic Skincare

Ten Steps To Healthy, Younger Looking Skin

We all want skin that has a healthy, youthful glow. But it can be difficult to attain, unless you are clear about how you look after yourself and your skin. Here are 10 steps you might want to implement not only to promote great looking skin, but to improve your general health as well.

1. Buy Certified Organic Products that are certified organic will almost certainly be free of dangerous synthetic chemicals. Instead, they will be packed with therapeutic, natural ingredients. Look out for cosmetics and personal care products that are certified by one of these respected agencies – BioGro, NSF, USDA Organic, NaTrue, Eco-Cert, ACO (Australian Certified Organic), NASAA Australia, Soil Association UK.


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2. Check The Ingredients List Always check the ingredients list if you can. A lack of regulation in the industry means that many products claim to be natural and organic when they aren’t. If the product has less than 95% natural ingredients or contains ingredients which you can’t pronounce without a chemical engineering degree, then you probably want to avoid it!

3. Stop Treating The Sun As Your Enemy The sun is not our enemy. In small doses, it actually does us good, offering us Vitamin D and a happier frame of mind. What’s more, most of the sun blocks we use contain dangerous petrochemicals like oxybenzone. If you go out into the sun for a prolonged period, cover your skin with light clothing and a hat, and try to use natural sunscreen formulas with non-nano zinc or titanium.

4. Drink Water We are exposed to hundreds of environmental toxins every day. Drinking filtered or spring sourced water is the best way to flush these toxins from our system.

5. Sleep, Relax, Be Happy A good night’s sleep is vital to maintaining our immune system and keeping us looking and feeling young. Taking time out to relax has a similar effect, as does a positive state of mind. Happy thoughts and a positive approach to life benefits both your emotions and the way your face settles into its evolving, natural shape as we age.

6. Avoid Excess Our skin is a mirror for the way we treat ourselves. Try to avoid an excess of alcohol, too much junk food, continuous late nights, and even over-complicating your skincare regime. And if you smoke, do your best to give it up altogether.

7. Exercise Regularly Exercise is an essential component in maintaining a healthy skin. It increases blood flow and thus helps nourish skin cells and keep them vital.

8. Deal With Stress Unfortunately, stress is a prevalent condition in our daily lives. It has a major impact on our general well being and the health of our skin. Regular exercise, meditation and a positive outlook are all effective techniques in helping us to deal with stress.

9. Eat Well A good diet is not only necessary to keep us healthy on the inside, but also looking good on the outside. A diet rich in healthy oils from foods such as walnuts, seeds and fish, and high in antioxidants found in foods like whole fruits, berries and vegetables is an essential component in maintaining a youthful, vibrant skin tone.

10. Think Green Look out for products that are earth-friendly, recyclable, and free from testing on animals. They will prove a boon not only for your skin, but also your peace of mind.

source: World Organics Blog