Chia Seed Pudding - Choco dream

Chia Seed Pudding

These are super yummy, quick to make and so nourishing for you at the same time. 
Make in a jar or bowl the night before and have it for breakfast or a snack the next day. I love to have this as an afternoon snack, so good to have on hand in the fridge to grab if you are short of time. Also can be made on the day, allow it to sit for about 30 mins before serving.


1 tablespoon chia seeds
3 tablespoon Almond milk (or any other milk)
½ teaspoon Cacao powder, or good quality cocoa powder
2 teaspoon greek yoghurt (optional)
Drizzle of honey or maple syrup to taste

Place in a jar and mix well, set aside in the fridge for 30 mins or overnight, serve with sliced banana and any fruit of your choice.

Serves 1

Use the above recipe as a guide line, you can use:
any liquid – coconut water or cream, nut milks, water, juice etc
sweeteners – maple syrup, honey, dried fruit etc
swap out the cacao and use cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg etc
add nut butters